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6 experiences in Shimla that you cannot afford to miss!

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Shimla the capital city of Himachal Pradesh is often called the “queen of the mountains”. It is dotted with clear flowing waters and panoramic valleys making it an eternal tourist heaven. The pleasant weather of this region mesmerized the British to make it their summer capital during the Raj.

Among myriad options narrowing 6 experiences in Shimla that you cannot afford to miss is definitely as uphill task.

  1. River Rafting In Sutlej

The fast flowing Sutlej River offers a grand opportunity for river rafting enthusiasts. One can have a thrilling ride of the 12-km stretch of rapids in couple of hours to bring the adventure back in life. Though the rapids are not very steep but it still makes up for great fun time.

  1. Trekking & Camping hot spots

Shimla is a trekker’s paradise. For beginners the lush green fields of Annadale is a good start. The Glen forest stretch presents deep ravine woods and gentle flowing brooks perfect for nature lovers.  For serious trek enthusiast Summer Hill and Potter’s Hill are recommended. Potter’s hill even has tree houses and tents in midst of the forest ideal for camping and bonfire experience. The wide flora and fauna is enough to make one feel close to nature.

  1. Spiritual quest revived

While exploring Shimla one cannot help but notice churches which remind us of a by gone era of our colonial past. The famed Christ Church was built in 1857. Its vintage Neo-Gothic structure is among best in the world. One instantly feels an aura of spirituality in the air so paying homage at this pilgrimage and to seek the almighty’s blessing cannot be avoided. No visit to Shimla is complete without visiting the Hanuman temple at the highest point on the Jakhu Hill. The steep climb is a great reward the great views of the snow clad valleys and peaks.

  1. Ghost experience In the city

A number of houses and hills around these parts are rumored to be haunted with Ghosts. Authors such as Ruskin Bond and Rudyard Kipling vouched for it in their literary works. One such haunted house is Charleville mansion. Over the centuries numerous people have reported unusual sightings of ghostly Englishmen roaming the mansion. The Forest Road is another secluded spot where famed British ghosts wander as per the locals.

  1. The Summer festival at the Ridge

All the cultural activities of the city have its epicenter around the Ridge which is along the Mall Road right at the heart. This acts as the linking nucleus for all commercial places such as The Mall, Jakhoo hills and Lakkar Bazar. The Ridge hosts the famous Shimla Summer festival for 5 days and sees travelers from all over the world. The festival showcases various performances by local and national artists along with fun filled local shopping and eating experience.

  1. Visit to Shimla State Museum

Visiting the 1974 initiated Shimla State museum is a treat for every History geek. Here we witness culturally rich Himachal heritage which includes breath taking collection of exhibits such as Pre-Historic archeological artifacts, wood carvings, wall paintings and sculptures in its numerous galleries.



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