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Bijli Mahadev

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Shiv lings and Nandi Ji

Har Har Mahadev……

Bijli Mahadev


Shiv Ling inside the temple. 

It is located in Distt. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh state of India. The height of this area where the temple is situated is 7874ft. The hill where the Bijli Mahadev temple is situated is called as “Mathan” and the same is surrounded by Parbati, Garsa, Bhunter and Kullu valleys having a Lord Shiva Temple on the top of the hill. The place is very beautiful and the areas offer a panoramic view of Parbati valley, Garsa, Bhunter and Kullu from Bijli Mahadev and it’s a perfect place for photography. The place is picturesquely scenic due to the location of the temple which is at the top most end of the Mathan hill.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

Bijli Mahadev Temple.

Shiv lings and Nandi Ji
Out side the temple

Bijli Mahadev 2

Bijli Mahadev

Bijli Mahadev
First look of temple

Importance of Bijli Mahadev

The name comes from the fact that, the lightening (Bijli) strikes the Shiva linga inside the temple and breaks into pieces. The Shiva ling (Mahadev) is joined together and assembled with locally made butter (Makhan) on a special occasion. Devotees and Haryans can give offerings in the Hundi kept inside the temple.

The Lord Shiva has vanquished Jalandhar the demon (The Ansh of Shiva) at Bijli Mahadev with the lightning.

A 20mtr tall pole (Dhwaja) is situated outside the temple which has got some interesting story. The pole is made of Deodar tree. Once in a while during special occasions the pole is replaced by another one made from the tallest Deodar tree found in the nearby forest. The local villagers and people from surrounding places come together to replace the pole. The tree is carved in the square shape and fixed in the same place. People believe that this is an opportunity for getting blessing from Lord Shiva and consider this activity as serving God.


View of Peej from the way of Bijli Mahadev.

Bhunter from Bijli Mahadev

Bhunter from Bijli Mahadev

Manikaran Valley from Bijli Mahadev
Manikaran valley

Bijli Mahadev

First look of Bijli Mahadev after the forest



One can board a bus from Kullu or to travel in their own vehicle to a village called Chansari and from there a trek of almost two hours and good trekker can take only 1 hour to reach the Bilji Mahadev Temple.

Trek to Bilji Mahadev
Trek to Bilji Mahadev

Trek to Bijli Mahadev

Trek to Bijli Mahadev

The People who cannot trek, there is one more motorable road to reach Bijli Mahadev from Naggar side. One has to reach Naggar from Kullu or Manali. From this route, people will reach the temple directly. Motor cycles prefer for transportation in this route but small motor vehicles too can travel occasionally depending on the road condition.


Small shops are available for cool drinks and refreshments during trekking. Initial walking is through a rough climbing and later good steps with normal height and plane areas are constructed. After climbing the steps, a plane area is available where localities have set up some private canteens. Good Chinese food, Momo is available here. There is a tank nearby which is the water source for the temple area.





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