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Chamba Handicrafts Art that could disappear forever if they are not saved

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chamba handicraft

Chamba’s Handicrafts such as embroidery, metal craft, paintings, textile and wood craft are in danger of being lost as demand for them falls in the digital age.

chamba handicraft

I was talking to a Government official few days back about handicraft industry in Himachal, he said some traditional crafts are now at risk of fading away.

Handicrafts places like Rajasthan, Jaipur and Udaipur are in fame. Chamba Handicrafts have lost its place in the world of handicrafts though it is one of the finest ancient and cultural handicrafts Himachal has. So we want to promote Chamba Handicrafts and get back the identity and fame Chamba Handicrafts it used to have in the past by educating students about them by visiting Chamba and giving them workshops.

Moreover we want to promote our culture and motivate the people who are already working in Chamba and whose main profession is Handicrafts.

We have often seen people shifting from traditional handicrafts to some other profession in Himachal and the reason behind this is decreasing its demand and lack of awareness and knowledge rest of the world is having about it. It feels very bad seeing our culture dying and fading by each passing year. So we have taken an initiative to educate students about the Handicrafts of chamba so we can promote our Himachali handicrafts and get out place back in the world in the field of handicrats.

We are going to enhance the knowledge and skills of students by giving them an opportunity to learn the Handicrafts of Chamba and participate in our below program:

This program is for visiting colleges from other states who want to learn handicrafts and culture of Chamba. This program is to develop knowledge, awareness and skills our traditional Himachal culture and our Himachali people to learn and accept another culture. Programs are designed to promote Peace, Inter-Cultural Understanding, Cross-cultural learning and showcasing traditional art work of Himachal Pradesh. Participants will get the rare opportunity of experiencing the rich Himachali culture and traditions along with discovering and learning various other aspects of Himachal Pradesh. Participants will share their experience and skills among students which motivates them for overall development. This will also encourage students as well as people already working in handicrafts to do more into Chamba Handicrafts

Why we do this?

  • To promote our own Himachali culture and Handicrafts.
  • To showcase our own people to showcase their skills and traditional art.
  • To give our Himachali Culture a platform where rest of the world can see it and learn and see from it.
  • To motive local people currently working with handicrafts and to do more handwork and innovations in their fields.
  • To promote Himachal in various aspects like culture, tourism, education, art and many other



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