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How to eat healthy while on vacation!

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I used to travel a lot, and I didn’t have too many options for snacks apart from junk, maintaining healthy eating habits while traveling can be a big challenge. I decided to take a step and started a shop for dried druits and nuts in Manali especially for those who are going for Trekking Trips and long way trip to Leh – Ladakh. It’s important that you carry dry fruits and nuts with you, particularly on long trips as you know dried fruit can be preserved for much longer than fresh fruit and can be a handy snack. It’s also easy to carry them. Dry fruits are not just delicacies but are powerhouses of nutrition. On the other hand relying on packaged and processed food throughout your journey is also not a good idea.

Here’s presenting a well thought-out list of dry fruits that can be picked up from the nearest store or shop.

Dry Apple

These dried apples are filled with wholesome fiber and nutrients — no added sugar, chemical preservatives, or artificial anything. One bite of these beauties and you’ll discover your new obsession.


Dry kiwi

Dried kiwi is a natural digestive aid packed with enzymes, fiber, and potassium, to keep electrolytes in check. They are also a good source of protective antioxidants and immunity-boosting vitamins. Enjoy them as a healthy snack or dip them in chocolate for a real treat!

Kinnauri Almonds

Almond blossom heralds the advent of spring in Kinnauri. Famous for the superior taste, Kinnauri Almonds have high nourishing and medicinal value.


Dry Khumani


Kinnauri Akhrot

Kinnauri Wallnuts

Banana Chips

These chips are easily available in the market and are simply fabulous on the taste buds. Banana chips make as a great snacking option and can also be cooked at home. Store them in an air tight container.

If you are in Manali…! You can visit my shop for Dry Fruits and Nuts.

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