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Norbulingka a Tibetan Art & Craft Institute in Dharamsala

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Thangka applique

Norbulingka provide the artistic tradition such as sculpture and thangka painting are associated to their spiritual legacy. This statute is a trust function under the chairmanship of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Their aim has not been profit, but authentic cultural preservation. In 1984, the year in which the land on which Norbulingka would be built was purchased, in May 1991, His Holiness the Dalai Lama inaugurated the Centre for Arts.

The institute mainly works towards carrying on Tibetan traditions and heritage by providing training, education and employment to Tibetans in the region.

Norbulingka’s art studios offers following workshops.


Thangka Painting

White Tara, Tibetan Buddhist Deity painted by Kelly Dorje
Yangchenma(Sarasvati), painted by Kelly Dorje

Thangka Painting is a two dimensional medium illustrating a multi-dimensional, spiritual painting. It is used by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners to help them develop a close relationship with a meditational deity;   they are aids to clear visualization of the image of the particular deity.


Tibetan Woodcarving

Tibetan Woodcarving
Tibetan Woodcarving by Gyaltsen, Woodcarving Master

Wood is not only a useful building material, but also a versatile medium for creative expression. Like thangka painters, woodcarving apprentices are trained to produce work of a uniform style. In Tibetan Woodcarving technique painting looks like a three-dimensional design. The design and proportions of any object in a thangka painting may be the same as in a woodcarving, the execution of each is totally different way that is unique to the particular skill.


Applique – Silk Thangkas

Thangka applique
Thangka applique

Thangka applique is a technique of creating thangkas by using silk, it is also a sacred art just like thangka paintings. Silk Thangka follow the iconography for Buddhist deities as laid down Buddhist scripture.


Tibetan Metal Sculpture

Tibetan Metal SculptureTseten Dhondup, Metal sculpture master
Tseten Dhondup, Metal sculpture master

Tibetan sculpture is almost entirely religious in character. Statues commonly portray the historical Budha, Meditational deities and spiritual masters.



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