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The Positive Effects of Extra Curricular Activities on Students

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Extracurricular activities are a vital part nowdays in all levels of schools. A student’s future can be determined by the things that they do in the hours after school and before their parents get home. Schools as well as parents are promoting  kids to participate in special Extra Curricular Activities.

Extracurricular activities do not fall into the actual normal curriculum of class but are separate from academics. The many forms could be activities in sports, clubs, governance, student magazine, music, art, and drama. These activities are totally voluntary so students that do not want to participate in them do not have to.

“Extracurricular activities serve the same goals and functions as by the elective courses in the curriculum. However, they provide experiences that are not included in formal course of study. They allow students to apply the knowledge that they have learned in respective classes and acquire concepts of democratic life.” Extracurricular activities have many positive effects on education. The positive effects that extracurricular activities have on students are better behavior, better grades, school completion, positive aspects to become successful adults, and a good social aspect.

The first effect that extracurricular activities have on education is behavior. Students which participate in extracurricular activities have reduced behavior problems. In sports, they show discipline in drills, practices, and routines. They have a responsibility to perform those tasks correctly. When students perform these things correctly they are rewarded for their good behavior and they take pride in their accomplishments. Because of the pride they achieve, they gain better self respect, self esteem, and self confidence.

Education world states that “Participation in school activities, especially athletics, leads to higher self esteem and enhanced status among peers, which some argue is deterrent to antisocial behavior.” The most dangerous time for bad behavior is the time after school and before parents get home. This is the time when they are at the most risk at committing violent acts and victimization. The ages that usually are involved in poor behavior during this time are between the ages of nine and seventeen are when kids learn to make their own decisions and control their behavior. This is a crucial time for students to be in extracurricular activities because they are under supervision, guidance, and they are in engaged and enriched learning experiences. They are then better able to resist unsafe behaviors such as drug and alcohol use, gang involvement, and criminal activities.

Higher grades and positive attitudes towards school is the second effect that extracurricular activities have on students. Self esteem can be a predictor of academic performance. Students that don’t like school won’t do as well as the students that do like school because they are not motivated to succeed. If students don’t like school, it is usually because they do not feel as though they are succeeding or that they can succeed. “Participation in an after school program that is designed to build self esteem, had positive effects on standards test scores in math and reading, while receiving extended time to complete homework did not have the same positive effects on self esteem or achievements”.

Participation in extracurricular activities provides students an opportunity to create a positive and voluntary connection to their school. In a study, “It was revealed that students who participate in extracurricular activities are more likely to have a higher grade point. Students that participate in extracurricular activities also showed positive changes in students self confidence, teacher perception, and greater confidence, and then developed positive school related adult attachments. Extracurricular activities increases a students connection to school, raises their self esteem, and positive social natures.



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