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Udaan- Giving wings to young learners (A Pratham Innovation- 2015)

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In 2015, SSA Mandi and Pratham came together to start Udaan program in selected 250 cluster schools with an objective of bringing about large-scale improvement in children’s learning levels in Reading, Writing and Basic Arithmetic. The main medium of delivery of UDAAN was “learning camp,” through which the administration aimed to bring about large-scale improvement in children’s basic learning levels in 290 summer closing cluster schools of the district.

The Learning Camps program was implemented in Mandi in partnership with Pratham Education Foundation under the leadership of worthy Deputy Commissioner, Mandi. The program aimed at accelerating and sustaining basic learning for children in grades 3 to 5. The program aimed to reach out to all children in grades 3 to 5 in 290 summer closing cluster schools of the district. An approximate of 7500 children were reached through this program.

Program Components: A typical learning camp groups children by learning levels rather than by class or age. The basic learning levels in reading language as identified and tracked are given below:

Level   Description
Beginner Children at this level can read neither alphabets nor words
Letter Children   at   this   level   can   read   individual   vowels, consonants   and   its permutations
Word Children at this level can decipher a word either as a whole or by dissecting the consonants and vowels of the given word
Para Children can decode words comfortably and read 3-4 sentences of a Standard. 1 level by applying either acquired fluency and/or deduction
Story Children at this level can read a text or story of 6-12 lines of a Standard. 2 level with fluency

Each group was taught via the CAMaL (Combined Activities for Maximized Learning) methodology and appropriate materials were provided to help children jump at least one level in each camp. Under this partnership, government school teachers from 290 schools were trained in CAMaL methodology.

Elements of Learning Camps under UDAAN:

  1. District Resource Group: A District Resource Group (DRG) was formed to support training of teachers at block level. 38 government teachers participated in this process as DRGs. The DRGs were trained on content and assessment by Pratham National Team and took the responsibility for teacher training at block levels.
  2. Teacher Training: Teacher training on pedagogy, content and assessments was provided to primary school teachers from respective schools. Facilitated by Pratham, the trainings were organized by SSA Mandi under the leadership of  Deputy Commissioner. The program entailed two subjects on which training was provided – Mathematics and Language (Hindi).
  3. Assessment: Pratham designed; developed tools and framework for assessments. Two external assessments (Baseline and Endline) were conducted with children from grades 3 to 5 by DIET’s JBT trainees to assess their learning levels.


Substantial improvements in the learning level of children especially those who were at lower learning levels in the beginning were observed in the program.




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